Mike Julien

  • Pianist
  • componist
  • Salsa-DJ

My story

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My musical adventure started when I got a toy drum as a kid. Apparently I was drumming on the pots and pans all the time. Around the age of 10 we moved to the coast, and by coincidence, there was a grand piano waiting for me. The former people who rented the place couldn't bring the piano to their new home, so it stayed with us for 5 years. Meanwhile I decided to go to classic school. In the fifth year I was improvising on and making music like Mozart and Beethoven, my biggest influences so far.
That brought me into the world of Afro-American music. At first I started playing Blues and Funk and later on I went to Jazz-studio, the only jazz school in Belgium at that time.

After those studies and a couple of years of playing in various bands, I decided to work as an entertainer in hotels in foreign countries. There I learned how to dance Salsa through my Spanish girlfriend and I got inspired by the exotic vibrant and polyrhythmic music. Then I decided to go to Cuba to see it for myself and I got the chance to meet two piano players who showed me how to play tumbao's and I jammed with some Cubans. When I got home I started listening to Salsa records to improve my skills and years later I met the leader of a salsa band called Ritmo Latino. After a try-out I started playing with them and now I play already with that band for 7 years;
With them, I got the chance to play at festivals like Polé Polé Gent, Polé Polé Beach, Beleuvenissen, Afro-latino festival etc...

Meanwhile I was making my own compositions for jazz combo and piano solo. A few years later I had the idea to make improvisations based on a scale, a couple of notes, a rhythm, a motive or nothing at all. That broadened my vision on music and piano playing.

Then after 25 years of playing piano I was listening to the classical radio station in the car and that inspired me to compose classical-like music with more emphasis on the left hand.

Now the circle of music is round and I will continue my musical pathway in all directions. A piano solo recording is one of my main goals in music now and I'll try to achieve that as soon as possible...

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